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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:

So look every thing is one and in this oneness that is everthing and more there is the god Father head Lord ego or what ever infinite name you want to call the main ego of all ego. An then this is the son jesus or muhammad or yahweh ben yahweh or Haile Selassie or what ever one of the infinite names you want to put out there for the link to the father. An then there is the holy spirit that is in are soul that is apart of the holy ego under the blood of jesus who what ever one of the infinite way you want to put it you see. For all religions are transecendental religions. An then there is phyical life existence the animal part that is link to everything physical and spiritual no matter what. An the spirtual soul and spiritual individual ego's that we each have lives on forever and always and some times in comes into phyical life existence for little trip. But where all in this together forever because everything is everything in the oneness of ture life. So enjoy your ego and think + so you can have a + life. Even if that + life isn't in a phyical existence. 


Love Bullfrog .

P.S Keep your minds eye open because you will always see somthing that has always been seem new. 

All the best for the best.