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September 17, 2011

Need your garden done for cheap? read this.

Well Hello,


I have recently started work with a company where I have had issues with some of the staff and there work ethics so I am going to talk about work ethics today.


Firstly I don’t expect people to do anything I wouldn’t do…………..unless that’s what there getting paid to do.


Secondly some people are management material and others are more… how do I put this politely….. Grunts, they do as there told and if they don’t they can go cue in the unemployment line.


So here’s a tip on getting your grass cut after your gardener leaves due to him losing a finger in an unfortunate ice sculpting competition.


Gardening in America used to be the job of Mexican immigrants but now they are getting all pissy about there rights as American citizens, so what we do is instead hire failing actors to pretend to be Mexican gardeners and cut my damn grass because its been 5 weeks since the last cut………. All you have to tell them is that it’s an audition for a film role.


So if I have one bit of advice it’s this, an actor gets paid to be anybody you want them to be. There like hookers with fewer morals.


Thank you and goodnight