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September 14, 2015

Late night has its share of white dude hosts and the 'Vanity Fair' photo displays that quite nicely. Twitter displays its feelings about that quite nicely, too.

Late Night is better than ever according to Vanity Fair, who published an article online from their upcoming October issue featuring all current late night hosts. By better, it’s unclear if they actually mean “as male as ever.” The accompanying photo shows the all-male crew of hosts, all of whom, with the exception of Larry Wilmore and Trevor Noah, are white.


Yum! A bread basket of men!

Well, this uniformity caught the attention of tweeters, and as the name suggests, they got to tweetin’. Check out the best reactions of the bunch!

It’s Sam Bee who will be hosting a late night talk show called Full Frontal on TBS starting January 2016, who takes the cake. She isn’t exactly pissed about the current state of affairs as you can see by her first tweet.

The former Daily Show correspondent let the internet know how she aims to improve the situation at hand.

So know that at the very least coming this January there will not only be a woman added to this lineup but a centaur as well. That’s progress, folks.