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August 07, 2012

John Travolta has denied charges of sexual assault, saying he was merely acting out scenes from his favorite movie, 'Titanic'.

A month after former Royal Caribbean employee Fabian Zanzi accused John Travolta of sexual assault, Travolta has denied the charges, claiming he was merely acting out scenes from his favorite movie, Titanic.

"When I embraced Fabian on the bow of the ship," the Savages star told media, "it was not a sexual advance. I'm not gay. I was merely trying to recreate my second favorite scene in Titanic. Only I happen to have been wearing an open bath robe."

But Travolta didn't stop there, later forcing the helpless employee to make a pencil drawing of him in nothing but a large jewel necklace.

"I told him I couldn't draw," Fabian claims, "but he said that didn't matter, as long as I stared longingly into his eyes while drawing."

Fabian reports Travolta later forced him into a car he'd brought onto the ship. Once they were in the car together, Travolta swiped his hand across the rear windshield, grabbed Fabian's penis and said, "I'll never let go."