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January 19, 2017

These are some recent texts and what they mean.

Top 10 Sexy-Sounding Texts To My Husband
(Followed By Their Translations)

1. Are you making whipped cream?
(I hear the mixer and I’m trying to read)

2. I feel so dirty
(I didn’t have time to shower today)

3. Are you coming to bed now?
(I need someone to put self tanner on my back)

4. Have you seen my underwear?
(I did the laundry but can’t find the basket)

5. Why don’t we meet for lunch during the workday?
(We can review these insurance papers)

6. I can’t wait to go upstairs with you
(My computer is being weird and you need to fix it)

7. How about a quickie
(Take a quick shower before my mom gets here)

8. Be gentle with me
(When criticizing my cooking)

9. Let’s do it
(Anything but sex)

10. Make love to me
(Oops, sent to the wrong person, lol)