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July 17, 2014

The Strain TV Show

I am talking about The Strain TV show of 2014 in my own language. So if I do any mistake please forgive me. Guillermo Del Toro is known for his work on the small screen, but “A”. Film director, screenwriter and FX premiere on July 13 when Carlton led his life (with Del Toro and Chuck Hogan) changes in the 2009 horror novel “Bates Motel” is the executive labor.

International Business Times Austin, Texas, with advanced screening of the new television supernatural drama festival 2014 ATX, and we can not promise that the new series is one of the most jaw-mail del Toro.

Despite the cold of vampires and other supernatural events are nothing new, but “filter” to a new position in the growing darkness of this world. Corey Stoll (“house of cards”), Mia Maestro (“Rules”), Sean Austin (“The Lord of the Rings”) and David Bradley (“Game of thrones”) star in the new series is more like “CSI”, like “teeth ”

Stoll was a doctor Ephraim “EFE” Good times, perheensä.premier time, before anything else, worked in New York for the Centers for Disease Control Canary team manager’s role at airports, JFK, all cycles mysterious plane to take a phone call with his wife (Natalie Brown ), however, to try to improve relations. Nora Martinez CDC doctor (teacher) and Jim Kent (asti), Ephesians “death” terrible discovery that nähnyt aircraft … and they did not before. Lenton, who brought 210 people, but only four passengers säilynyt.perheet want to answer, and it is up to the CDC to find out what happened. But there again.

Film (and their family members suffer from the angry public injury), Ephesians in all options review, but to learn about every odd year period before the disease claimed that seeing fear in the local lender Abraham Setrakian (David Bradley). But this is a Vampire, a dark and ancient animal virus that emerged was average. Unlike Vampire’ve ever seen, “a”, a language and a giant Grim Reapers fangless said.

This mystery, which is part of the “A” viewers with their own plans to shut down Thomas Eichorst Vampire (Richard Sammel) will meet the pilot.

“A” jump seat in the audience, wonders, and even the occasional BARKING olduğunu.fırsat Draw a map showing the gore store, even if it seems small pilot. However, the most frustrating things jump out. That said, the end of the first season of one of the scenes that I have seen on TV, cheat, some people are always blowing “Game of thrones” and “The Walking Dead” are.

10:00 pm Thursday, July 13, as a pilot “story” as defined by what you see. Are you? @ Amandatvscoop Tell us in the comments section or tweet.

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That’s a lot of hype for this Sunday premiere of FX / scary / Vampire Thriller

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This is the most important factor is that you can blindly on FX heavy equipment that most fans of the TV.

Blood and fear abound in the filter with some amazing footage of leaders -

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Corey stole from trying to stop acting, well, I have a lot of fear.