Tricks with treats and where going down under but make sure you give her a kiss first. 

Superman's day off with the dude that is superman in the new superman movie that is coming out very soon. 

Secret girlfriend the movie. Since your doing movies now a days.  you remember that old comedy central show. 

The Wedding Band guys play there last wedding. 

a LD history college classic with cast of community and if you can't get them the cast of workaholics will do just fine my peeps. 

Let Amanda Bynes do somthing with you all FOD don't care what just do her.  But if you need and idea how about date night with Amanda and Jake a parody of that one show Blind Date.  ( sidenote someone needs to hook me up with Amanda for reals.) 

Baking when getting baked with Seth Rogan and today where making weed brownies with a dirty hippie b*tch he meet at Edward Sharpe show the night before.

The Joker does a standup comedy set on a USO tour.

The Dungeon Mistress work safty video that all the new mistresses watch on there first day on the job. 

NBC's 2 and Half Women. 

We drop by Aunt Flo's apartment to see how she has been and guess what she is still a f in  b*tch. She must be on the rag no stop ;-) she must of went to PMS high school a 

Popeye the hobo man. Where talking beer muscles.

The Thing becomes a male striper. 

Alf goes clubin with a pack of a hollywood wash up on the strip out in L.A and gets trashed and starts a fight. 

 The bodega trade shop. you know what am talking about. 

We learn what really is the ancient chinese secret. An the secret is how to the G spot everytime there champs. A ! 

"162 reasons to kill your self" A day in the life of a pittsburgh pirates fan. Go to the game get drunk in the parking lot boo everything and tell the people around you why they suck and your life sucks as you watch them lose then drink your to death because you can't deal with this sh*t anymore.   Each game 1,000 of pirates fans kills there self over there sh*tty life. Don't do the pirates. 

Bong shop 101. High school you dig. 

Cat lady vs Dog dude. The neighborhood argument. 

Adult summer camp.  "The last day at swingers camp." 

Tip your waiter with Tom Green. 

VD free and am HiV + about that. A trip to the DR for the good old check up. Up your butt and lets that a look at that p*ssy since where naked. Dr. Feelgood

Get it together man. where 3 dead friends from a bros past come back to show him the errors of his ways on 4th.  Real a christams carol type sh*t. 

Total Divas parody by some real w.w.e divas. 

Andy Dick has a church confessinal with Father Guido Sarduccu as the priest. 

Jane Curtin has a LSD flash back and gets picked up by a alien ship. 



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