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Published May 16, 2011 More Info »

( Bit Ideas for Funny or Die. ) 

Urban Survivorman ( A survivalist show all about surviving the city streets as a homeless person. ) 

A Walter White cooking show called Tweak Out. 

Behind the music with The Wyld Syallyns ( you know Bill and Ted ) 

A parody of a 60's beach party music video. 

The More You Know parody videos. 

What would Brody Stevens do if he became the new GM of Colorado Rockies. 

A fake behind the scenes look at Barb Wire 2 : The Bitch is Back starring Pam Anderson all shot on 1980's VHS home Video recording cameras. Because the analog is #1 

The Funny or Die work out tape series only on VHS t.v ad. 

A band should record a whole new live alum on cassette tape. 

Bill on the Street in the Hood live streaming episode

Prison Confessional Booth 

But Light should bring back the Real Men of Genius ads for Funny or Die. 

Rake Vs Franklin and Bash going head to head in court case. (  your pick on the case funny or die ) 

( More crap later on but it's been kind of a ruff day so am out. )