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September 05, 2013

well fuck a title, and subtitle isn't enough?

Before I start, this is a little slice of my life for laughs, I know this isn't a blog. I made this account about 10 minutes ago, fuck it. I am an 18 year old girl, with short brown stringy hair and big eyes. Just graduated high school. In my parents eyes I am a failure for some reason, I clean my room, walk my dog, brush my teeth but yet they expect me to do a "college" ? I researched but it never sounded interesting. I've always had a passion for making people laugh, although I doubt anyones laughing at this or even reading it, I just wanted to scope this website out. And if anyone comes across this dumb story I'm gonna be fucking embarassed.. While I sit here and listening to this pussycat dolls song it's sinking into me that my friends are all in college doing college homework and i'm writing on funny or die for no one to see. well bye...