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January 13, 2017

Funny spell

So my boyfriends laying on me watching vines and I start to hear punching and I look over and it appears to be an Asian getting fucked up by two black dudes then at a sporting match in the grandstand so then I’m like wtf and he plays it again and the Asian walks up to the black dude and flicks his glasses up and punches him in the face then the black guy punches him twice then this second black guy comes from behind and totally dig shots him and it puts him in the ground and I’m like awww what the fuck that guys a dog and points at the screen and then through supernatural means the guy that dog shots is like to me “..sorry Cassie
:(.. I like punching Asians in the face"and I started laughing coz I’ve never heard of someone liking it and then I realised its so rare and funny because I know the guy that’s in charge of what a person is like when they’re born he’s the spell master and he’s Asian so that’s why I’ve never heard of someone who likes punching Asians in the face