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Additional Credits
Additional Credits:
"Drugs are Bad" & Sex is good if your with the one you love.

50. A bro knows when to pull out the bro card because it's for your own good. 

49. A bro well always know what is going down in world because bros stay on top of it. 

48. A ture bro never fights been when he does he kicks ass. 

47. A bro has perfect timing. 

46. A bro knows his comedy. 

45. Yo a bro works on his own time son. 

44. A bro never well act like a downer. 

43. A ture master of the bro code shares funny internet videos and the what not. 

42. A ture harted bro is always one hell of a movie buff. 

41. A ture bro walks with the jay man. 

40. A ture bro knows the ways of his pimpin skills. 

39. The ladies will always love a ture bro at hart so keep it real. 

38. A ture bro will know the good stuff when it comes to music. 

37. A ture bro well never f*ck you over but has gotten you f*cked before. 

36. ture bros will watch adult swim shows with you. 

35. A ture bro well know when it's time to call it a night. 

34. A ture bro knows the who's who of world. 

33. A ture bro knows his games. 

32. A ture bro knows his sports. 

31. A ture bro knows when to stop because he can tell his f*cking sh*t up for his bros. 

30. A ture bro is and will always be a ture bro for life.

29. A ture bro never ever fails another bro dude.

28. A ture bro knows his bros better than they know there own selves.

27. A bro picks up his bros from jail.

26. Never drink a bros last beer man.

25. You must never let a bro make an ass of him self out in public.

24. A ture BRO is Captain of the Wing Man team.

23. Never ever bang a chick that a bro has had sex with more than 3 times.

22. Must let your bro\bros crash at the pad after a long night of "light beer drinking" if need by bros.

21. Always be packin some rubbers bro.

20  Never call out a bro.

19. Always have the hook up for what ever a bro needs.

18. Do not be a ball buster bro.

17. Never call off bros night.

16. bros before work.

15. Always back your bros in a fight.

14. A ture bro always knows the coolest songs too jam out when with the bros broin out.

13. A bro keeps it real. Because you never ever BS a BRO dude.

12. A ture bro never "Hulk's OUT" on a bro.

11. A ture bro always has a lady lined up for another bro.

10 When partying down a ture bro never hits on the same chick as another bro.

9. a bro never narks.

8. A ture bro never gives up on another bro.

7. A ture bro has never ending mojo when picking up chicks with the bros.

6. The only time a bro can bang another bro's old lady is if your old lady is down for an orgy. };=O

5. A ture bro always has some extra cash on him for his bros.

4. Bros before $.

3. Bros before family.

2. Bros know best.

1. Bros before hoes.

bouns : Never let your bros do hard drugs around you ever!. Because if they feel the need that they must go on and f*ck up there life they can go do that dumbass f*cking sh*t on there own God d*mn time mother f*ckers! So get your d*mn mind strate people. FACT: ( ALL JUNKiES NEED CLEANED)  Tip: "Get clean by going Vegan."