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Published September 16, 2010

I haven't been on my site here at FunnyorDie for a couple of weeks now. I have to get around to adding your widget. Anyhoo, I went through my videos again and decided that this is one I can share with you.

Besides that I''ve been very busy with my blog,  TuJoHaHa. It feels great when you've found something you want to do for the rest of your life. But then you realize that doing what you love usually results in, most of the time, being broke. Sacrifice is the name of the game.
 Yesterday, I almost got myself another job and then realized how miserable I would be working 2 part-time jobs which would equal me loosing my welfare every month. This just ment more stress, less money and more fighting at home because of the first two reasons. So I decided to stop trying to be who I wanted to be when I was 16. A succesfull career-driving-a-car-woman.
I'm a 28 year old lazy ass, blog obsessed, munchies devouring pothead. I'm never going back to work for the Man. I refuse. I give him 2 days of my life and that's more than enough.
That's why I put all my time into my blog and take it day by day.

One day like my animals, it will pay! Until then I enjoy how it makes me feel.

And that's fucking great.

I might go back to school next year. We'll see what happens.
Thanks for you rtime and if you have money to give away, just know I have a good cause.