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August 05, 2015

On Tuesday Hillary Clinton called out Jeb Bush on his stance on women's health and he responded. Now they must solve it Drake vs Meek Mill style.

Tuesday afternoon, presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton was much more open about what she types on her personal blackberry. In fact, she made her thoughts public by tweeting this at GOP candidate Jeb Bush.

Clinton linked to a tweet by reporter Sabrina Siddiqui that quoted Jeb Bush as saying, “I’m not sure we need half a billion dollars for women’s health issues.” This was likely in context to the Senate’s debate to pull federal funding from Planned Parenthood, an organization that, among its many services for women’s health, provides abortions (because part of keeping women healthy is allowing them to decide if and when they want to be pregnant.)

The former governor of Florida responded within a little over an hour.

By 3:45pm on Tuesday Hillary, hurled her first punch, Jeb responded swiftly and fiercely, and now the twitterverse is left waiting for either of them to drop their full diss track backing up not only their original stances but proving once and for all who the better candidate is.

While Hillary’s background isn’t rooted in any particular rap scene, she does have the advantage of being married to the first black president, Bill Clinton. Jeb on the other hand, already has a street nickname (his real name is John Ellis) and that lends him a little bit of credit.

Both candidates have been known to get vicious on the campaign trail, and both have a lot of baggage that can be easily attacked. Jeb has the luxury of tackling Hillary’s private email account or the Benghazi scandal and Hillary can honestly just riff on how stupid the name “Jeb” is. But, Hillary and Jeb are both at a disadvantage because they probably don’t even necessarily hold their own expressed views but are instead influenced by the mega-donors who support their campaigns.

The point is, they’ve laid out their initial disses, the clock is ticking, and the nation’s ears are waiting. If Jeb loses, it’ll be an embarrassment because he’s already come from such luxury and can’t necessarily relate to the rap battle scene. Though, if Hillary loses, there’s the possibility that her much more famous husband, who is likely a pretty decent rapper, will dump her.

So,we’re waiting Hil and Jeb. Let us know if we need to tune into Hot 97 and listen to Funkmaster Flex.