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Published May 05, 2013


Effectiveness of Animated Gifs

Most people say creativity comes from constraints, and animated gifs are undoubtedly a source of creativity. If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many is a gif worth? Everyone use them to fill blogs, social media profiles or even elevate them to an art form. But have you ever imaged, why animated gifs are in great demand? The article aims here to describe the effectiveness of gifs,

Animated gif is used in variety of interesting ways, either to appeal the attention of visitors to your sites or just to express your mood. You can also use them as greetings. Entrepreneurs believe that individuals visiting their website search for something that is good and not boring. Since gif has vibrant colors, graphics and text, it creates pressure on the visitors to have a look at the advertisement. This is the vital reason why most people have animated gif on their website.

As gifs are short and load fast, they force the creators to be concise and not waste any of the viewer’s time. Since they don’t need any plug-in or proprietary, they can appear anywhere and play instantly.

If you want to respond your spouse’s or friend’s message with a witty reply, these images are best for you. These images silently convey the thoughts that you want to deliver. But designing a custom animated gif is considered a delicate task even by experts. This is because even a single frame would determine if the file uploaded online will be successful. If you choose mediocre or poorly developed gifs, it would just result in loss of traffic and money.

So, it is wise to choose the animator who is master in this skill. It is also recommended to see if the image is high quality or else it will spoil your message. Great things also happen when the means of creation are freely available. Yes, today there are many websites that offers free download. You can find whatever gif you need while bathing in the adulation of internet pundits the world over.

I hope this article made you aware why gif are a popular buzz today. If you haven’t tried animated gif until now, try it. Animated gifts are serious, serious business after all. This will surely give the results to both business owner as well as individuals. Use the gifs and text goofy animations to your friends and visitors.

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