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January 26, 2016

Go @!#% yourself, hippie.

My doctor told me the other day that if I don’t quit my pack-a-day habit I run a serious risk of getting cancer. As I was driving out of the parking lot, I saw him out at the side of the building under a tree smoking a cigarette.

I knew it…

I mean, just follow the money. Big cancer makes billions of dollars “researching” ways to stop a “disease” that people have been dying from since Adam and Eve. And liberals have tricked the masses into believing that human action causes it, as if somehow ingesting the smoke of a wild plant could cause harm to a man.

Meanwhile, a volcano goes off somewhere and spews thousands of gallons of smoke into the air and for some reason that isn’t a problem. I don’t hear anyone saying that volcano smoke gives you cancer.

The 1960’s were great times for America, we developed most modern medicines, space travel was figured out, and we were able to produce good quality American cars with fins on the back. Science was the most advanced it had ever been. And if you read the evidence, the biggest problem from smoking was coughing because we didn’t do enough of it.

But then came the 70’s and the liberals took over. And by the time Bill Clinton came to office in 1992, the “green” movement sprouted up and all the hippie voodoo save-the-planet science came about with all of the scare tactics that funneled huge amounts of money into the pockets of whatever“scientist” could come up with the scariest sounding “threat to humans.”

“Oh, no, we’re all going to freeze to death,” they all cried. “Oh, no, we’re all going to get too hot,” they later changed their tune. “The whales are melting,” “The trees are getting trapped in nets.” Threats were coming in left and right somehow, even though 30 years before there weren’t any at all (other than the damned Communists.)

And of course this “cancer” one is the most insidious. It has caught on so much that the government has taken away the freedoms that out fathers fought on the beaches of Normandy for like smoking in a restaurant and smoking on an airplane. Hell, we can’t even smoke in the car with kids anymore (and don’t get me started on “seat belts.”)

If smoking was really harmful, my doctor wouldn’t have been outside sucking down that sweet tobacco stick.

And now, (have you heard about this one?) there’s even“climate change.” Anyone who’s ever looked, and I mean really looked, at the size of the sky would realize how big it is and how unlikely the exhaust from my car could somehow “fill up” the atmosphere with burned oil. Have these“scientists” never heard of wind?

Follow the money. Look at where the liberals are spending our tax dollars and you’ll see that the scientists who “discovered” this are raking in the cash. And if they really believed this “theory” they would travel on horseback and live in a tent.

Walk outside this winter without a jacket on and tell me about how warm the globe feels to you. It’s just as cold as it was when you were a kid. Don’t be a sucker. Think for yourself and know that God is the only one who can give you cancer or change the climate or kill whales. And if He does, then that is His will. He wouldn’t have given us the tobacco plant if He didn’t want us to roll it up in paper,light it on fire, and suck on it.