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November 12, 2008


You know, I've never really been much of a "Viral Video" kinda guy....

Never watched "Two Girls. 1 Cup", or "Chocolate Rain"... or for that matter, any of the multitude of Internet sensations that have become a pillar of Pop Culture. It's not really ever been my thing.

Mind you, there are times when, by chance mostly, I have run across a piece or two while surfing my favorite haunts, but I've really stayed away from most of that genre..

Then it happened. My dear friend Steve O. (yes, the same one who moved to South Carolina) saw the Paris Hilton Presidential thingy, and damned near hog tied me and forced me to watch it... And to be honest, I felt a piece of my soul die that day...

Not that it I didn't find it funny, it's just that, that vapid waste of carbon truly irritates me... Even though, I now find myself saying "See you in therapy, bitches" more than I care to confess.

Truth be told, I think watching that video was the beginning of my FOD activities... I was a member before then, but only the occasional cap contest entry. No blogging, no videos, and certainly, no friends.

But after washing the shame of laughing at something Paris Hilton did (that was actually meant to BE funny...) off of myself, I began to utilize many more of the features that my now online home has to offer...

And, now, I'm even making videos (shit-tastic ones, but still videos, and yes, the plural means there's more in the works... Odin save us all...)

I'm even learning to laugh at things like this...

BTW, if you understand the quote in this picture, than you truly understand how big of a dork I am...

- Kenny G.