The real-life Avon Barksdale from the greatest show of all time, The Wire, Nathan Barksdale, has passed away in federal prison. Nathan Barksdale was an inspiration for a few characters of the game-changing HBO show. Along with drug kingpin Avon Barksdale, he inspired Bodie’s character, which was also a nickname of his.

Barksdale (the real one) was shot over 20 times and ran extensive heroin drug rings in Baltimore. Despite his life of crime, it is sad to see anyone pass. That is why, it’s perfectly appropriate to re-watch the entire five seasons of The Wire. In fact, it’s actually the only fitting way to mourn.

Here’s one of the best scenes from the series.

Wait, you’ve watched The Wire, right? Oh my god, if you haven’t, you have to. Use this as your excuse to jump into the best show ever created. Surely no one has told you this before, because if they had you would’ve righted this wrong immediately, dropped all your foreseeable plans and watched 60 episodes, which is approximately 3,600 minutes, which comes out to 2.5 days exactly. If you don’t move your eyes away from the screen for one second, that’s just a weekend and a half day on a Friday of the best time of your life.

Here’s another one of the best scenes from the series.

The craziest thing about this show is that the city of Baltimore is its own character. Isn’t that nuts? It’s like a Dickensian novel. No. It’s like if a Dickensian novel starred Idris Elba. Jesus Effing Christ. You’re going to get to watch The Wire for the first time. I would kill my nephew in prison to be able to watch The Wire for the first time, again.
Here’s one of the best scenes from the series.

This scene is also great.

Oh God that one gives me chills. Ok, two more of the best scenes from The Wire, then you have to shoot an email to your boss that you’ll be leaving half day tomorrow. RIP Nathan Barksdale.