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June 11, 2008



Water is wet.  The sky is blue.  Funny to me may not be funny to you.

Humor is not so easy to define, as it depends greatly on your perspective. And vice versa, or as my high school BINGO coach Steve "Dauber King" Mazurky said: "verse vice, uh".

Though tough to define, comedy is simple as wet-water or blue-sky---IF IT IS, IT IS! (iii,ii!).  And if it ain't, "verse vice, uh". BINGO. The debate is over. Elvis has left the BINGO hall. However comma debate over what's funny is only part of the problem. See, not-funny vibe (NFV) sets one up for critics, trolls, constructive criticism, roadmap directions, one-way tickets to places, demands for anatomical impossibilities, etc, which leads to finding out who can play nice in the sandbox. Our perspective of funny, when "threatened" by somebody we don't think is funny, brings out the real character of a person. Thing is, by whining about what somebody thinks is an NFV is to do exactly what they think is being done to them; to present something "false" to somebody by "pretending" it is funny can trigger somebody to let them know it's non-funny to them even though that is doing what was done to them in the first place even though I didn't do what you think I did because I never forced you to think it was funny though now you're forcing me to think it isn't funny by being a sandbox non-conformist. Stay with me on this, in a funny way it gets funny:

Back to the trolls, the haters, the sandbox non-conformers. Nobody likes a ding in the armor but I don't give a jack-diddly-squat-inside-a-donut-hole (JDSIADH) about negatives coming my way, because I learned long ago from a grade school bully that envy and lack of talent fuels the fire for hatred and nasty remarks.  Other truths about this topic: Talent is something you can use or lose...Nobody is funny all the time...Everybody has a sense of humor...Some people are mean just because they CAN, without regard for karma: what goes around, comes around (especially denial about this simple, universal truth).

A real craftsman appreciates the work involved and knows the finished product may not appeal to all, but it's nontheless talent and sweat and work and will get a nod of approval because it warrants that respect. Whether it be sculpting, or painting, or basketweaving, or carpentry, or rocket surgery (that's right, I said that), or comedy, or fill-in the blank here with WHATEVER requires some talent. Hating and being rude to somebody like an internet troll is not talent...it's low self-esteem and lack of confidence and the stuff cowards are made of. How easy it is to type something negative and send it on it's merry little cyber way. Easy, yet infinitely destructive due to Cyber Karma, my friend (CK). Best of luck dealing with that.  CK is the LOL from H-E-double-L.  (CK = LOL = HELL)

Here's where it gets heavier, and even more non-funny (EMNF):

When a hater comes around saying or doing something I figure they uncounciously want attention, and hopefully acceptance, and possibly more. I base this on the Reality Therapy concept that humans do things for at least one of five reasons: survival (food, water, shelter, etc), acceptance, power, freedom, or fun. Internet Trolls (IT, how ironic) are a good example of ALL 5 needs being played out at once!

Think about this: survival, acceptance, power, freedom, fun...I'm not going into details on this, if you disagree look up Reality Therapy and find out for yourself what's covered under the five headings....EVERYTHING IS!

In closing, I'd like to thank Coach Mazurky, the bully from grade school, and to every person out there that doesn't appreciate ALL comedy and doesn't have the character to just let it go and instead whine because they're unhappy in the internet sandbox....karma is not meant to be negative until you make it such! (KINMTBNUYMIS!) BINGO!