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March 08, 2012

One mans emotional journey of appreciation for his balls.

These are my nuts, so shiny, so clean.

Many have wondered where my nuts have beeen.

The nuts they had nutted , the sights they had seen.

Admire my nuts while they work as a team.


These are my balls, i think you'll enjoy them.

They're so clean cut  that you'll want to employ them.

If you had an army you could not destroy them.

Yes thay are my balls only i can deploy them.


Some call them testes, and others cojones.

If I had the money, I'd build them both homes.

Or teach them to juggle and answer the phones.

When sweaty , my nutsack smells sweet, like cologne.


Yes these are my balls, and they are the best.

I wish i grew testicle skin on my chest.

The nut-hairs i shed, i knit into vests.

So lets all ride my testes, together...out west.