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Published: March 08, 2012
Description: One mans emotional journey of appreciation for his balls.

These are my nuts, so shiny, so clean.

Many have wondered where my nuts have beeen.

The nuts they had nutted , the sights they had seen.

Admire my nuts while they work as a team.


These are my balls, i think you'll enjoy them.

They're so clean cut  that you'll want to employ them.

If you had an army you could not destroy them.

Yes thay are my balls only i can deploy them.


Some call them testes, and others cojones.

If I had the money, I'd build them both homes.

Or teach them to juggle and answer the phones.

When sweaty , my nutsack smells sweet, like cologne.


Yes these are my balls, and they are the best.

I wish i grew testicle skin on my chest.

The nut-hairs i shed, i knit into vests.

So lets all ride my testes, together...out west.