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October 19, 2008


I just cannot elude my fate.My nieces reception was going well.All the necessitys were pictured and perfect...The Daddy dance,the Dollar Dance,the garter toss,The Cake Cutting..all that was grand and wonderfully done.Then the kids and young adults were dancing and trying to get the real party started.You know the point where the older people start getting juiced enough to make fools of themselves and join the fun.All the kids kept digging at me.They know Im the one to do it.I was just trying to pass the gauntlet on.Dont get me wrong,I still love a good party,but at 51 I figure its time to let someone else be that catalyst.Well,it didnt work.Dont get me wrong,my kids and niece were really cutting up.Doing Trivolta stuff,Humpty stuff etc.They did it really good and goofy....The kids and young adults were having a ball.But the reception was at a country club and the older people were still only dancing the box steps and waltzes,way reserved and a little stuffy....My niece and my kids woulnt let me be.Then the DJ played Jump Around.

My son looked at me and said DAD! My baby girl looked at me with her sad little eyes and said DAD! Finally the Bride (my Neice) said Uncle Zoo PLEASE!

I had to.I used to "Jump Around" with the lot of them when they were all really little kids and I used to jam my stero really loud.I really did it quite well remembering that little wiggle while jumping.The kid were delighted and it really did set a new tone for the party,expecially when I grabbed my sisters hand (the mother of the bride)and pulled her in.LOL.Definately a mixed up party after that....what a blast.I guess I should respect my fate and just roll with it.I look ahead to when I'm 70 and wonder if the grandkids will expect the same....LOL.My wonderful wife(whom last night looked amazingly fetching)told me if I ever grew up,she would divorce me.I hope she ment that for I seem to have lost the directions to adulthood.