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Published June 02, 2014

Why Women Like Bad Sex

By King Christopher

When a woman says a relationship isn’t all about sex, she’s probably telling the truth. If women only had great sex, then there wouldn’t be that many people on the planet. Women always talk about how they have to fake orgasms with their partner. So why do women keep having bad sex? As for all the men who are wondering if they’re good at bed, worry no more. Bad sex might not be as bad as you think.

*Bad Sex Benefits/Women
Women don’t like to feel guilty! And she certainly won’t when it comes time to dump the guy, for giving her bad sex. Women who are in a relationship won’t even consider it cheating, if the sex was bad.Women look less slutty if they only count good sex… (For example, if a woman says she’s been with 3 guys, it’s probably more like 40)

*Bad Sex Benefits/Men
If you’re the type of guy that wants to sleep with a lot of women then you have to be bad at sex. If she’s actually turned on by you then she’ll make it difficult to sleep around. But being bad at sex, you can date more women.

A lot of guys get angry when women talk about their exe’s. But women need something to compare.You could be the best at sex but she won’t know it without comparing.