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#10. N.W.A. Power Hour ( N.W.A. Pro Wrestling on  Saturdays 6pm - 7pm on T.B.S. ) 

#9.  T.N.A. Tuesday Night Nitro ( T.N.A. pro wrestling live every Tuesday Night on the Velocity channel  sidenote: T.N.A. Xplosion on would be cool um k Discovery ) 

#8. Electra Woman and Dyna Girl 3D ( The rated PG 13 movie in 3D loosely based off the old show by the same name. ) 

#7. Barb and Ghost 3D ( The rated R or T.V. MA show is fine as well live action movie and or show based off the comic book. ) 

#6. After the News : With Carlos Mencia ( A new late night talk show on FOX weeknights 10:30 p.m - 11: 30 p.m ) 

#5. MAD T.V. ( Back on FOX , same day , same time , new cast , new season.  ) 

The Dude ( The Big Lebowski T.V. show. Rated T.V. MA ) 

#3. Friday : The Series (  Friday the t.v show on Friday nights on B.E.T. ) 

#2.  Smiley Face ( Turn that stoner comedy movie Smiley Face into a full on t.v series.  Rated T.V. MA. ) 

#1.  Harlod and Kumar the animated series. ( Adult Swim ) 

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