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Major League 4 ( Back to the majors as the new C or what ever you need me for on the team bros.) 

Ghostbusters 3 3D ( Talking the place as one of Ghostbusters. Hell i even play a Ghost if need be big kats.) 

Star Wars ( The new one soon to be out as a alien in some bar.) 

Star Trek ( As a kool klingon dude.) 

Wonder Woman in 3D ( As a bad guy who gets kiss ass beat to death my wonder woman. Yo it has always kind of been a dream of mine that i have every night for the past 15 years.) 

World War 3 3D ( As a badass sniper or some sh*t.) 

Ready To Rumble 2 ( As one of the fan boys.) 

X-Men ( The newest one there working on right now for 2013 as a human in the future who gets killed.) 

Any XXX movie with Bi chicks staring in it would be ok with me. Sexy time here i cum };-O=. 

PMS ( A movie about pissed off killer wives on the run killing along the way and only one man can stop them and that's me b*tches! ) 

Fully-Baked 3D ( aka half-baked part 2. Me as the "Nefu" ) 

Tunder Lips ( Me as Tunder Lips's right hand man dude.) 


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