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Published November 16, 2010
Amazon pulled the digital book “The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure: A Child-Lover’s Code of Conduct” from its online store Wednesday because – get this – people generally don’t like encouraging child predators.

From Guardian.co.uk:

Phillip R Greaves’s self-published ebook…went online on the US site on 28 October, but was not taken down by Amazon.com until last night, after receiving more than 40 outraged reviews from customers and sparking an angry debate on the online retailer’s Kindle discussion forum.

While I agree that Amazon took a stupid risk in selling a $4.79 pedophile how-to book, I think all those who called for the book to be removed were a little short-sighted.  I mean, the book was a non-starter to begin with. Think: who really wants their name included in a database of people who bought the ‘pedophilia for dummies’ book?  Not me.  And I definitely don’t want that book 50% read on my Kindle when the cops raid my house because, let’s face it, the feds are totally tapping into that database for potential threats.  It’s how they roll.  Pre-crime, baby!  (I shouldn’t have said ‘baby’).

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