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Published August 24, 2011
A team of prestigious historians recently discovered that various historical documents actually contain a "Comments Section." Now we have a window into the same insightful and academically enriching discussions that we currently find on the Internet ...The Preamble to the U.S. ConstitutionUploader: The Founding FathersComments: "insure domestic tranquility" WTF???-colonialist69maybe if u want to form a more perfect union u should start by not forming a run-on sentence.-badass_blacksmith seriously this preamble iz total bullsh*t i'll take the articles of confederation anyyyy dayyyy!!-patriot1776 "our posterity" hahahahaha because ass ;)-ElFederalistoLoco jeez why iz everybody has to be hating on the founding fatherz i dont see u establishing a bicameral congress or designing fundamental guiding principals 4 a fledgling nation so lay off bitches-RedCoatHatur OMG i LUV Ben Franklin and Gouverneur Morris u guyz r soooo hot! <3-sexyquakerbitchhey RedCoatHatur maybe u should learn to spel.  also it’s principles not principals so get your homophones strait a$$hole.-colonialist69 “homophones” hahahahaha because gay ;)-El FederalistoLoco Check out our tallow-based products at hey colonialist69 maybe u should learn to shut the f*ck up because or i will shoot u in head with and my musket >>> 2nd Amendment biatch!-RedCoatHatur wtf is the 2nd Amendment????-colonialist69 keep reading a$$hole.-RedCoatHaturThanks everyone!  This is exactly the kind of healthy debate we are hoping to engender.  We feel optimistic about our nation’s future.-foundingfatherz  “engender” hahahahaha because sex ;)-ElFederalistoLocoFollow Ken @kenfurer