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September 21, 2009


I'm not sure how many of you remember one of the most decent films of the early nineties called "The Player". It starred Tim Robbins and Fred Ward and it served up the interesting concept of eliminating the writer from the process of film making.  Interesting film.  I would have to say that the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation  have borrowed from this "concept" as they are now attempting to eliminate the poor from affording to play (ergo never winning), lottery jackpots.  Just over a year ago, they doubled the price of a 6/49 ticket from 1$ to 2$, promising a minimum jackpot of $4 million (as opposed to the $2 million minimum before the price change).  Anyone paying attention has noticed more and more lately that the 6/49 jackpot begins a $3.5 million, so they have effectively kept the price difference without instituting the double the jackpot promise.  Now, on Friday nights, they've had a lottery called the Super 7, for 2$ you get to pick or quickpick one line and get two quick pick lines for "free" with it.  Last Friday was the last Super 7 draw and it has been replaced with Lotto Max, which is the same as Super seven except it is $5 a ticket and the minimum promised jackpot is $10 million.  So, I used to play three sets of numbers costing me $7 every Friday and if I want to continue to play, it will now cost me $16 for the priviledge.  How the Hell do they justify 228% increase in price for essentially the same ticket? As if winning $2.5 million wouldn't already be giving me $2.5 million than I have in the bank right now, I have to pay MORE than twice as much for the just as unlikely chance to get $10 million?  FUCK OFF!  By the end of the year it will be $8.5 jackpot anyway because their promise means jack, and they'll still charge $5 for it.  I find it very curious that they are attempting to remove the poor from playing the lottery because I suppose our collective dollars aren't as tantalizing as getting $5 from those who can and will afford to pay more?  The working poor keep y'all in your Mercedes and Prada, Bitches!  Can you at least keep the last vestibule of our dreams under $5??