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December 09, 2013

Today we put the spotlight on 'Franklin or Bash' as the best new app!


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Do you prefer one over the other? Are you in more of a Franklin mood or is that Bash you're feeling?  In this revolutionary new app you can watch your favorite episodes of Franklin and Bash starring just ONE of your favorite lead characters. Thats right! Using our new cutting edge technology, we are able to remove Franklin or Bash from any episode of your choice.

This app allows you to:
Really get to know each character as an individual.
Make your favorite moments even better without that pesky co-star getting in the way!
Double the amount of episodes! (Get that popcorn ready!)


What's New in Version 2.0.1

Now you can watch on your TV with added AirPlay compatibility! 

Share your favorite moments with friends via contacts or social media. 

Removed "Random Mash of Franklin or Bash” feature due to many bug issues and user complaints.


**keep an eye out for future updates**

We are working on a user account feature so you can login on any device and access your settings

Customer Ratings

by SoccerMomster24 - Dec 4, 2013
“This app brought back the spark to our relationship! Lou and I can now bond over our now favorite show while watching it on our own terms"

I'm In The Show!!!!!
by LoneLawyer - Dec 1, 2013
"I give this app 4 stars cuz they can put my name in the show and its awesome! It would be 5, but my name sounds like a robot says it :("

Both Characters?!?!?!
by FuriousFan - Nov 29, 2013
“I like the show and I like the characters. Why can’t I just watch the normal show?”