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Here's that picture of you passing out drunk from over the weekend. I'm sorry we had to post it, but you obviously need to be taught a lesson and this public shaming should do it. Also, here are some links as you recover and start your Monday.

  • Tom Cruise in Bobby's World? 90s Cartoons recast with today's celebs - HuffPost Comedy
  • Cats and awful chemistry puns join forces is The Chemistry Cat Meme - Uproxx
  • Famous movie quotes said by an Englishman - Slacktory
  • The entire transcript of Marc Maron's powerful keynote at the Just For Laughs Festival. Real talk. - The Comic's Comic
  • William Shatner's Most Unintentinoally Hilarious Roles - Splitsider
  • The most bizarre business hours everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr* - Happy Place

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*Sorry bout the extras Rs there. The key got stuck while typing.**
**Also, the delete button was broken.


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