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April 11, 2013

Farrah Abraham (MTV Teen Mom) is the latest piece of shit to be produced via the "Music" Television Network. Young girls should NOT look up to skanks like this... shit needs to STOP

Farrah Abraham, one of MTV’s Teen Moms, sure loves making mistakes.

First, she allowed MTV to make a show about her mistake-of-an-offspring that dwelled in her cum dungeon of a stomach. Then, she goes and makes a professional quality sex tape and tries to act like it never happened.


James Deen, a master cocksman in the porn game, was the poor soul who landed the unfortunate co-starring role in this faux sex tape. And he must’ve just got done shooting, because when he was asked about it, he didn’t have any fucks left to give.

He straight up said he was contacted to bang some random teenage baby emporium for a good chunk of change – which they were going to pass off as a leaked sex tape so she can become "relevant."

So...You’re trying to be like Kim Kardashian? Wow. Bravo, whore.

Seriously, what a dumb bitch.

If you’re gonna go the skank route of sex tape stardom, why not just pull out your semen stained iPhone, find a random cock at a local Applebees or Chili’s and yell action before stuffing that strange schlong in your goddamn mouth.

Farrah Abraham, congratulations.

Your whore mentality and insatiable hunger for cash & cock has really paid off. You’re a star, sweetheart! You’re the most famous shitty person…this week.

Enjoy your extra fifteen minutes, cum satchel.  And if you want to re-up your “fame”, I hear Ray J responds to fans on Twitter.


i feel hella bad for her poor kid - she didn't ask for ANY of this... Shitty Parenting Level: Expert