The 1990 American horror-comedy film Gremlins 2: The New Batch, sequel to the 1984 American horror-comedy film Gremlins, is so wacky and such a departure from the original movie that to this day 25 years later it’s still on everyone’s mind. For instance, you yourself were probably thinking about Gremlins 2 just now, although maybe that’s because you read the title of this article.

No matter what it is that brought you to this state of thinking about notorious film sequel Gremlins 2, now that it’s on your mind, let this new Key And Peele sketch help you unpack it a little. In the sketch, we get to visit the G2 writers’ room, as unceremoniously taken over by eccentric Hollywood sequel doctor Star Magic Jackson, Jr (played by Jordan Peele) who maybe gives a free pass to too many ideas in the brainstorm.