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November 28, 2010

Guidelines to soliciting your product...

Phone solicitors.

Not so much a problem today, in the modern world. You get yourself on the list that blocks your number from phone solicitors and you are free and clear from any of that bullshit. If you haven't done that, not to worry! Everyone and their grandma knows how to get on the list. Just ask somebody.

But that list isn't some universal anti-solicitation list. You are only immune to the known corporations that have filed the papers to become a business.

Well, I guess it is all how you look at advertising anyways, but I have a problem with weed dealers calling me AFTER the phone cut-off time to advertise their shit and ask for a sale.

First of all, don't take me too seriously here. I mean It isn't a problem that I will shoot myself in the dick over, but it is an issue. And I know advertising isn't necessarily a bad thing.

In fact, on the flip side, if I was a dealer of such product, I would have to let people know that I was in business and of course I would ask for the sale. But that's nickel-and-dime shit anyways. I would never fuck around with it.

It's common knowledge that the shit sells itself after the customer knows that you have it. Of course there is also always a surplus of dealers until the county is dry. I have a separate phonebook and group on my phone with about fifteen *codenamed* pot dealers for when I'm in need.

But back to the subject, which is soliciting your weed over the phone at me, you son of a bitch. If you are a new dealer and/or you aren't running regular hours, be courteous enough to text me that you've got it instead of calling anytime between 10:00p through 10:00a. Those are blackout times.

If you seriously want to be a good dealer and make loot, DO THAT and we, your customer, will call you and give you the sale on a regular basis. Establish a good dealer-customer relationship. The nation is getting closer to ending this prohibition!

Become a legitimate business man as Tommy Chong once prophesized! (Yeah, fuck you "Columbia Guide to Standard American English)