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November 24, 2008


Some people have entirely too much time on their hands.  I don't understand the joy of die bombing people or having some random person call me a fag and douche bag.  Granted it took that little brat about 4 hours to think to tell me only a douche bag would dress up their dog that way.  Anyway apart from FOD, I wonder how many people sit around and dream up ways to narc on other people.  Since I had some requests for some more 911 stories, here are a few examples from my weekend at work:

  1. A lady calls 911 because her neighbor is having a garage sale.  This is weird because she is setting up tables with appliances on them, and she finds it suspicious.
  2. Another female is upset because hurricane Ike blew down the fence between her and the neighbor.  The neighbor takes the initiative to pay for materials and replace the fence, and although she is not contributing, she is pissed because he is making the pickets face his own yard when they have faced hers for the past 27 years (funny, the neighborhood has only been in existence for about 12 years).
  3. A male is upset and calls 911 because his neighbor is flicking cigarette butts into his yard. He insists that we come over and collect them from his yard to test for DNA after he is told there is no proof the neighbor did it.  Our county is backed up on DNA testing for rapes and homicides, so we will be sure to get right to it.
  4. Another woman called because someone stopped to take pictures of her house.  She wants to know who they are and why they were there.  She has no license plate or suspect descriptions.  Hmmm. Last time I checked, I don't have a crystal ball up my ass to know who it was.
  5. A homeowner called because his neighbor used his water faucet outside because he is renovating his house and had no water.  He took a drink, and she got all kinds of upset.
  6. When we get a call, usually you have to be a complainant if you are the only one who saw something take place. For instance, the lady who insisted her neighbors across the street were driving in the median and leaving beer cans everywhere.  She refused to meet the officer, so there was nothing we could do.  She goes on to tell me I am trying to put her life in danger by wanting the police to talk to her.  Then she insists I am refusing to send the police.  Make up your mind already!
  7. My favorite call of the weekend was the male going into back yards wearing a CenterPointe energy t-shirt and checking meters.  The caller stated he contacted his electric company and they said they did not have anyone checking meters.  They wouldn't, because CenterPointe checks all the meters in our area and forwards the information on to the individual company.  He insisted that because he was wearing jeans, this was suspicious.
  8. And last but not least, dog calls.  Every loose dog in a neighborhood is an aggressive dog.  When you explain we don't answer calls for animals unless they are a traffic hazard or being vicious and aggressive, suddenly that dog tried to chase them.  And they call them all pitbulls.  One lady tried this and when we arrived, it was a chihuahua in her front yard.  Needless to say, she got a ticket for 911 abuse.

I guess I don't understand why neighbors work so hard to get each other into trouble.  They will complain in a heartbeat that it took us too long to get somewhere, but not think twice that they are wasting our time with stupid disputes.