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Published: October 02, 2008
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It's official... My buddy Steve O.'s replacement started work today, and gets to spend a great deal of his time on the road... with Steve O. ...

May God have mercy on this poor plebe's soul...

It was interesting, I must say, to actually feel like a superior for once in my ever-loving life. I got to put "Little Johnny" through the paces around the office, teaching him our usual way of getting shit done(read: fucked up worse)...

While I will miss Steve O. horribly after his departure.... It could be fun having a new guy to kick around... I mean... C'mon... he's only 18!!!

I'm gonna have to do some serious pushing as I transition from "Office Bitch" to "Customer Relations Management Bitch", in order to keep this crumbling rubber raft of an office afloat...

................. We're Fucked...

- Kenny G.

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