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May 22, 2008


O. M. G. Did you see it? Well, did you?! It was monumental!! I mean, David v. David?!?!

This phrase almost made me commit horrible crimes. Apparently I am the only person in all of America who could NOT give shit less about american idol. I give negative-shit to be exact. I wish beyond wish that the producers of american idol (btw, I realize it would be "proper" to capitilize the title, but I won't fearing I would validate it to do so) would get smart and start using their evil empire for good. Such as, subliminal advertising to get the hell off the couch and start watching better programming. Or, start voting for political elections and not for some idiotic television show. I mean seriously, why? What is so awe-striking about this show that it drums up millions of viewers week after week? Is it how they carefully cover their ass by making sure to keep an icon of each stereotype readily available for the degradation of having the entire country vote them off? Or maybe it's the judges who base criticism off of one hit wonders, failed careers, broken dreams, or the overdose of vicadin they just "accidentally" took backstage? I don't know, but I remain immune to whatever mind tricks they use to convert their viewers.

Enough on idol, it's already had way too much time in the spotlight. Recently I created a paypal account. Now forgive me if I'm wrong, but I don't see how it can be any safer giving all my info to this particular site, so they can in turn give it to other sites for me. You can't tell me that hackers aren't drooling at the thought of all of us morons just laying all our info down on a table for them to gently transfer into their pockets.  Oh well, like a true American I will just pretend like it's not my problem, and then when it is, blame it on the president.

Speaking of presidents, I truly believe that you have to be either a masochist or a moron to actually want to be the president of this country which truly just makes this election all the more amusing to me.