It’s so bad

Dillon Markey is a stop motion animator for Robot Chicken and he’s concocted the mother of all custom electronics to streamline his work. He uses a Nintendo Power Glove that he modified himself into a makeshift portable workstation to make the stop motion process easier. Of course, we all wish we could use a custom Power Glove to make our jobs easier, I sure as hell wish I was typing this using a Power Glove instead of a dumb old computer keyboard, but Markey actually had the follow through in him to do something about it.

The glove was a commercial failure for Nintendo but Markey’s ingenuity has opened up all sorts of glove controlled possibilities for aiding humanity. Look for these Power Glove modifications coming soon:

-A Power Glove that you can turn your oven on with.
Are you sick of getting up off the couch to turn your oven on only to sit back down, wait for it to warm up, and then get back up AGAIN to cook your frozen DiGornio pizzas? Let’s just modify a Power Glove to do it for us.

-A Power Glove that’s also an iPhone 6.
Simply modify a Power Glove so that the buttons are the keyboard, you can scroll through your apps by moving the glove up and down and side to side, and answering your phone is as easy as twitching your index finger! It’s all the convenience of an iPhone 6 without the hassle of holding!

-A Power Glove that filters water.
Pour the water in one side of your glove and it comes out your fingertips clean, crisp, and refreshing. Now that’s a Power Glove modification that could change the world!

-A Power Glove that shocks you if you fall asleep at your desk.
Staying awake at work is hard, but what if your Power Glove monitored your pulse and breathing and could tell if you were nodding off in front of those spreadsheets then give you a low level electrical shock to wake you back up. I’d buy that Power Glove.

-A Power Glove that makes you better at basketball.
This seems like a no brainer. Maybe program it by having Steph Curry wear it to practice a few times and then presto! I have a .436 3 point percentage just like that. Thanks Power Glove!

-A Power Glove that makes you a better lover.
HJ’s would be a breeze! Not to mention all the help it would provide with that tricky foreplay.

-A Power Glove that helps you shake hands like a man for once in your life
My father has been working on this Power Glove modification since I turned 13. He says he’s getting close and can’t wait to give it to me so that we don’t have to act like we don’t know each other when we run into his friends at restaurants.