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April 22, 2008


FOD is by far the best interactive site on the web. The forums arent quite chatrooms but close enough to make ya happy. I enjoy the comraderie that goes on here. We are one big happy family, sure there are litlle competitions and cliques but for the most part It is good. I am proud to call myself an FODeelien. I am FOD. It is a movement. Just remember dont shit the bed, if you dont like a video, vote die! that is why the die button is there. just dont make a mess. Dont make up fake profiles and talk to yourself or argue with yourself or whatever you do. However I see nothing wrong with having several profiles if they are you are portraying those profiles as Characters in your videos. Also this site is all about making people laugh, so why not be happy? Dont let the dark underbelly of the demon manipulate you. Take a look at yourself and make that change