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July 04, 2009


Hello, fellow Americans!
I hope you all are well and enjoying the safe and happy festivities today and tonight. We had quite a show in the sky, a fireworks display by Mother Nature herself. I don't know when I've seen that much lightning on the 4th of July. But hey, we needed the rain and the skies were awesome. Before that, I had spent most of the day watching the History channel. It was showing "The Revolution." Since I'm enrolled in summer school and taking "History" I thought, hey, one less thing I have to read...Well I had already read most of it. But I hadn't read all the stuff about the final battles. Or the fact that the war went on for over eight years. Or that Washington's own son had contracted camp fever and died from it just days after Cornwallace had given up. To these forefathers we owe respect. While you're out with your sparklers remember their sacrifices and the sacrifices all our leaders and military men have made thoughout these hundreds of years. Don't forget to say thank you to them, remember them in your prayers and meditations and hang a flag once in a while on your porches and in your hearts. Long may she wave. God Bless America.<3