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October 02, 2008


sarah-palin-1.jpg By Jake of the FOD Team

Holy Shit!  I couldn’t believe it!  Like most Americans, I flip on the TV last night to see the VP debates.  Everyone knows Sarah Palin  brought a new level of excitement to the election, but fuck!  Stripping down nude in the debate!  Holy Shit!

Things got off to a pretty normal start. Biden starts spouting some general Democratic positions, and Palin says “I think the people are ready for a different kind of politician.  Here’s what kind of politician I am.”  Then she got sexy: she reached behind her head, let down her hair, and started unbuttoning her blouse.

Joe Biden does a double take, lifts up a pizza box and says, “Ms. Palin, if you don’t have enough money for this pizza, I guess you CAN pay with something else.”  Palin says, “Oh, you mean I could pay with THESE?” And rips open her- aw, fuck it.

I’m lying to you.  I didn’t see the VP debates.  I meant to, honest, but I had accidentally DVR’d the wrong cable channel and I ended up watching a Milf-centric titty flick on Skin-a-Max.  Granted, I was thinking of Sarah Palin the whole, time, but I lied to you.  I lied to you in the headline of this story in order to get hits.

Please stop reading this story. Go home.  Spend time with your family. Try to recover from my lies.  Try to repair your shattered mind as it rattles in realization that Sarah Palin kept all her sexy buttoned up tight and all of her clothes on.