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February 04, 2012

If people would stop being morons, there would be fewer morons in the world. And that is how smart I am.

Morons. Only morons would think the Big O might be Muslim. We have a country full of morons. One should not be so mean. One should be fair and balanced. One should encourage dialogue. One should find the middle ground. Or, one should live on the planet Earth and realize we're a country full of morons.

There was a time when you didn't actually need to point this out. Because facts were facts. Now facts do not exist. When morons can't recognize facts, and they can't, facts become obsolete. It's a fact. Well, it used to be. A long time ago. In a land far, far away. Well, it's not that far away. It just doesn't exist. Like facts. Catchin' on, are ya?

So what are we to do? Nothing. Climate change will kill us all, but I've only got a few decades left, so screw it. I love warm winters. What about the grandchildren? Well they won't be so grand when they're frying like an egg on the sidewalk. But there ain't no global warming in heaven! Unless of course, there ain't a heaven? What if Hell used to be Earth and became Hell through global warming? Didn't think of that, did ya, Chester? How the hell did you get a name like Chester?

Chester? I don't even know 'er. Now that was juvenile. What's wrong with juvenile? Assclown, you can't argue with yourself in your own article. Who says I can't? I do. Well, Mr. Bossypoo, I guess you win again.