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July 15, 2009


I'm in a process to dismantling my SAKBLABBATH website on Geocities.I'm thinking of writing another book before I'm finished on my first book.It might be about the truth behind the myth of Freedom of Speech or a fictional satirical MJ death conspiracy theory parody graphic novel.Hell,if an alledged no-talent tabloid bitch from hell Nancy Grace can get away with the crap she puts out every night.Why can't I goof around?At least,I kinda funny.There's nothing funny about Nancy Grace.Unless,Nancy Grace wants to hook with me,sexually.Nah,that's almost bad as hooking up Ann Coulter or any other blonde Republican on the Fox News Mind Control Network.Then, I rather do a David Carradine on myself.You don't hear about more details about Carradine.Michael Jackson died and that's all anyone talks about.At my funeral,if I'm buried in a coffin;something needs open and clost the coffin and do a ventrilquist act.Though,I rather be cremated and my friends has do bong hits with my ashes!