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Irrefutable Proof Certain ICTY Prosecution Witnesses Are Biased Against Bosnian Serbs and Their Court Testimony Ought Be Stricken From Official Court Record As Biased (Luko & ZImmerman)!

This is a photo of Mr. James Luko (in Washington D.C.) before becoming a "credible witness," and, investigator of "war crimes" in the course of the Bosnian Civil War.  He also became the personal assistant to Former United States Ambassador Warren Zimmerman (who by teh way also acted in the capacity of Mr. James Luko's personal scholarly Ph.D adviser while attending Georgetown University).

Before, during and after the year that NATO bombed Pale in Bosnia on Holy Pacsha's Day (+) Mr. James Luko and I had been having personal telephone conversations and also arguing on the PRODIGY CHAT political computer forums, on Serbia and war crimes in Bosnia as well as Mr. Radovan Karadzic.

Even before, Mr. James Luko, was ever sent over from Toronto to Bosnia to investigate war crimes in Bosnia, he personally confessed to me in every telephone conversation, "He thought that all Serbs were collectively guilty of war crimes and genocide (the transcripts of these personal arguments between us, are probably still available from the company called PRODIGY in the USA).

The night before Mr. James Luko was sent over to Bosnia to observe and investigate the situation there, he had called me one last time from Washington D.C and was planning on visiting me in New York City the following day. He discussed how all the Serbs were guilty even before he had ever gone.

Because of this, James Luke, Warren Zimmerman (who is rabidly anti-Serb) and any testimony they may offer to the ICTY about Bosnian Serb war crimes should be stricken as biased from the official court record. James Luko todl me he was always "Pro NATO bombing PALE AND THAT THE BOSNIAN SERBS DESERVED IT!"

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Jill Starr - Jun 7, 2010 5:16 PM - Remove

The photos posted above, are only a few of many bearing Mr. James Luko's handwriting to me on the back of each which he had sent to me.


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