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November 26, 2010

the truth behind the holiday.


By: Raymond Carrington

            Christmas is the most wonderful holiday of the year.  Right?  Originally Christmas was celebrated on January 6th but was changed in the year AD 354 to December 25th.  December the 25th prior to the Christian appointment was the celebrated holiday for the Sun God Attis and the Roman festival of Saturnalia.  Saturnalia was the festival celebrating Saturn the god of peace and prosperity, Romans of all social standing exchanged gifts at this festival and flowers were used to decorate buildings and squares (Alan Williams, 2000).

            The Bible states that on the night of Jesus’s birth the Shepherds were outside guarding their flocks when an angel told them to go to the manger (Luke).  Biblical Scholars and weathermen alike state that in December Shepherds are in off season, because it is too cold to be outside all night, and it’s more likely that Jesus was born in the spring between March and May. Which makes God a Taurus instead of a Capricorn and he may have been born on the cusp so Jesus may have had some Aires traits. It is known however that according to set dates which are 1BC, Jesus was born five years after the death of King Herod.  This little nugget of knowledge is not accurate to the story.  Not only is the day wrong but the year also.  Is anyone’s brain hurting yet?

            The Pope hired a guy to figure out the dates so that we could have an accurate count of time from Jesus’s death and the guy’s name was Dionsius Exiguus. Dionsius wasn’t very good in math and may have missed the date of birth by as much as 30 years and that’s either side of the birth.  I guess the Pope shouldn’t have taken the lowest bid on that job because the calendar was in use too long to change by the time Dionsius’s mistake had been discovered.  No refunds asshole. 

            Amazing really that God would come to earth to enrich the lives of man and no one thought that maybe we should keep some accurate records on this event. I mean what about the Wise Men?  “What have you been up to Wise Man?”  “Oh nothing much just traveled across a continent to meet God face to face.” “Really Mr. Wise Man when did you do that?” “Oh I don’t remember sometime last year.”  “Wow Mr. Wise Man are you going to write that down?” “No, I’ve got too much going on right now maybe next week.” Really?  Really?

            You all know that the tree and the Yule log was a Pagan Stone Hinge thing.  The Nativity was from Italy and the missile toe was Celtic.  Regardless of your beliefs, I don’t care if anyone worships Jesus or celebrates Christmas but this next quote is to me the meaning of the Christmas Spirit and I hope that all of you agree.  Regardless of your opinion this quote sums up my outlook towards the Christmas Spirit.

            The modern Christmas, in which believer and unbeliever may join in feasting, is one of the triumphs of tolerance born of human understanding natured over centuries of trial and error.


Christmas is the feast, of not only man’s redemption, but of man himself. It is the feasting of humankind, because it releases – if only for a few days every year – emotions that a savage self-interest causes mankind, in the ordinary way, to repress.


At Christmas-tide tyrants grow benevolent – even merciful, misers spend, not only freely, but willingly, the fierce flames of religious and political prejudice die for a short while to a cold cinder; selfish memories are stirred by the recollection – tardy, but intense – of the neglected and the outcast.


For a few days, once a year, the atrophied souls of the grownups are filled again with that spirit which inspires the wisdom of fools and children.


So the history of Christmas, unlike the history of so many other human things, is consistently a pleasant one.


Author unknown

            I like that however I will stay away from that Dionsius math.

                On a completely different note:  I’m really a big fan of Alan Streets, he’s a New York City Street Painter and has experienced some success even while struggling with Schizophrenia.   I think he’s such a great painter and I have kind of   become an admirer of his work.  Graffiti art is my favorite art and his canvas paintings are amazing. They did a documentary on him and you can Google a lot of info on him.  He’s one to watch.