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July 10, 2008


Hey guys and gals, as u can see we have episode 21 up. That means only one episode left , Doppelgeddon part 2 the season finale. Episode 21 really picks up the pace to what will be the finale showdown! This is what it has all been working up to, are biggest episode yet! We would love to thank everyone,  who has been watching and commenting on the episodes. Thanks 4 all the love and nice pants. When we started this little thing we were donig it because we love to film, and now we not only do it for ourselfs but 4 all of you who spend about ten mins,.. sometimes more of your day with us. We hope to not let anyone down 4 are season finale, and hope you all join us a little later on for  season 2 which is gonna be great!


- Cam of RUMIEZ