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Published July 11, 2012

In a surprise move, Comic-Con International has announced that they will add comic books and comic book culture to their annual convention in San Diego, which kicks off tonight.

Comic-Con organizers say it was a hard decision to make. Convention goers have become accustomed to an onslaught of trailers and teasers for media from every TV and film genre...from sitcoms to teen soaps to superhero sequels to the occasional Sci-Fi film. But certainly not comic books.

The question remains, is there room for the graphic medium? "Comic books?!" protested actor Michael Steger, who's at Comic-Con to promote his upcoming CW show, Young People Doing Stuff.

"First I have to pretend to like nerds, and now I have to pretend to like comic books? This goes against everything Comi-Con is about: selling crappy movies and TV shows to geeks who blog."

"We can't let comic books take over Comic-Con," said Twilight producer Karen Rosenfelt. "Once you open the door you can't close it. Next thing you know, they'll want to sell toys and action figures."