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Published: January 17, 2012
Description: A brief selection of Wes Anderson movie titles translated in foreign countries. via http://tonyaltamirano.tumblr.com/
  • "Mr. Smart Pants In School Academy Fun" - Rushmore (Japan)
  • "The Problematic Fashion Family" - The Royal Tenenbaums (Bulgaria)
  • "Rocket Bottle" - Bottle Rocket (Spain)
  • "Grandpa Ghostbuster Goes To Sea" - The Life Aquatic w Steve Zissou (Venezuela)
  • "American Drago Flat Top Criminals" - Bottle Rocket (Russia)
  • "A Fantastic Fox In a California Raisins Style" - The Fantastic Mr. Fox (Italy)
  • "The Quiet Brothers Thinking Train" - The Darjeeling Limited (South Korea)
  • "Rushmore Summer Camp" - Moonrise Kingdom (Taiwan) (Bootleg)
  • "Papa Crazy Glasses New York House" - The Royal Tenenbaums (Turkey)