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August 09, 2010

A cautionary tale - from the nerd of the geeks of the freaks


On Overindulgence of Sci-Fi

If the light in the office Xerox machine appears to be the roving red eye of a Cyclon robot warrior do not reach for the blaster in your desk.   Hold your ground and access the situation.  You have been probably overdosed on science fiction and/or fantasy.  

Do not however jump tot he other extreme of complete trust in reality.  For instance calling the calling Xerox company representative to fix the leakage of light from the copier would as well be a mistake.  After all you do not know who he is really working for or in fact the true origin of the species he has derived from. 

It best when the imagination is sending you signals of far out possibilities to take the middle ground between skepticism and belief.  Some antidotes a trip to the nearest Star Trek convention or on the other hand the regional Renaissance Fair.  A night half spent reading about the great debunkers of the mystical arts alternated with an all night marathon of the four Star Wars movies.  

This is a time to hedge thy bets on paranormal subjects.   Begin a secret file of unexplained phenomenon you have recently experienced and a names list of others you suspect are engaging with the “Other World”, but do not seem to be speaking of it openly.   Put a Carl Sagan bumper sticker on your vehicle, but also devote one hour per month to horoscope readings and online tarot interpretations.  Confuse the enemy whoever they might be.