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August 31, 2008


Yeah that's all we gotta say fuck that little ass boy, it's gotta be the 16 year freak that been playing Halo 3 and wearing Power Ranger PJ's and that never had sex but just get wet dreams which is how close he could ever get. This boy telling everybody on they're videos to go Die man if there's anyone who needs to die that's him.

One ugly ass boy

With he's ugly ass picture that's why he wearing that mask to hined his ugly ass pimple face geeky self. Little bum ass kid has no videos be he comments on people videos like he's a comedy Sketch crated.

Dude stop hating, he just mad cause we get the most comments, views and friends on here that think's we've done a great job that "Cumshooter35" could ever dream of but unfornatly the only message he gets is spam messages and hate mail and he want us to chill after what he said about us? Nope sorry we're not one of his little 12 year old friends that he can act like a bully to and he can just get away with it with out anyone saying anything.

And I'm not just speaking for Us I'm speaking for all the people he was talking shit about.