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August 24, 2014

Even the poorest of people show they are giving, charitable human beings.


Homeless people: just when you think you know them, they turn out to be completely surprising in a good way.

My friends and I are stock traders at Goldman Sachs. We have all done the ALS #ICEBUCKETCHALLENGE and given away money to the ALS Association. So, we wanted to see if people that have no money and no homes would be willing to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge too.

Target #1

We found our first friend, Allen (a middle-aged African American man) asleep in an alleyway. Then we poured a bucket of ice water on him to wake him up. Immediately, he woke up in shock, freezing. He got up cursing at us and was going to violently attack us when I held out some money which he gladly took. Then we asked Allen for his name and how he liked being part of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

“My name is Allen…I do not know what that is,” Allen said.

I explained to him that it was this trend that all the celebrities were doing for charity. Then I asked Allen if he would like donate the money I just gave him to the ALS Association or keep it. Since, my friend John had a fake gun pointed at him, he gave us the money back successfully as if we would actually kill someone?! I think he gave the money back for the charity.

Target #2

Our next target involved a Caucasian man named Quinn. He’s always on the sidewalk by our building. So, we got a giant bucket of ice water and poured it on him from 20 floors up. It was actually more like just pure ice. When the ice water hit him though, he fell down to the ground. My friend John and I couldn’t stop laughing. Then we rushed to him chanting, “ALS ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE! ALS ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE! ALS ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE!” We woke him up and asked him how he liked doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. He was so out of it, he could not even really speak. He probably had a concussion and he was unable to stand up. Then I gave him some money and asked him if he would give it back to us to give to the ALS Association. He mumbled something and I took that as a yes.

Target #3

We had only so far done the ice bucket challenge with men. So, it made sense to do it with a woman. We had no idea what her name was as all she ever does is speak gibberish. She always says, “Por favor, dame un poco de dinero. Estoy sin hogar,” to passersby. So, we went up to her carrying our bucket, video camera, and fake gun. She was obviously scared out of her mind. “Por favor, no me mates,"she said.

"What is she saying?” I whispered to John. I tried to best explain to her that we were going to throw this bucket of ice water on her as part of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. So, that’s what we did. Then we gave her some money and she willingly gave it back to us when we asked for it.

It’s pretty amazing to me that even the homeless are generous enough to give money away to support a disease that afflicts so many. It’s a true sign that our humanity will succeed.