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March 12, 2009


? 1: Do you like the following what kind of fruit?

Durian ? Q 2

Guava ? Q 6

? Q 4 apple

? 2: Britney Spears for you feel that?

? Q 7 is hot

Love to do tease woman ? Q 3

Keren cordial superstars ? Q 5

? 3: Do you think what kind of person most suitable constellation when the lover?

Scorpio ? Q 8

Libra ? Q 9

Pisces ? Q 12

? 4: Which of the following you consider a claim to be an international superstar?

A-mei ? Q 7

Takeshi Kaneshivo ? Q 3

Faye Wong ? Q 11

? 5: If you use a logo to represent himself, which of the following do you think one of the most suitable?

Sun ? Q 8

Stars ? Q 13

Moon ? Q 12

? 6: Which do you prefer a different color?

Red ? Q 10

Blue ? Q 3

Amber ? Q 5

? 7: Do you like the following what kind of music?

Alternative music ? Q 9

Rock ? Q 14

Pop music ? Q 12

? 8: Which of the following you enjoy a taste of the cake?

Maccha ? Q 16

Chocolate ? Q 15

Fresh cream ? Q 19

? 9: you look at least a month more than two movies?

Yes ? Q 15

? Q 18 are occasionally

? Q 20 is not

? 10: When two quarrel, when a good friend, how would you?

Coordination center ? Q 8

Please sides together make oneself understood ? Q 5

Ignore ? Q 13

? 11: Comparison of you enjoy the following what kind of exercise?

Swimming ? Q 14

Playing ? Q 9

Climbing ? Q 7

? 12: Do you think it is a timid person?

Is not ? Q 20

Does not necessarily ? Q 16

Yes ? Q 15

? 13: Comparison of you enjoy the following what kind of food?

Meat ? Q 17

Rice or pasta ? Q 16

Fruits and vegetables ? Q 19

? 14: As long as the emergence of new taste of energy drinks, will drink you must watch it?

Yes ? Q 9

Does not necessarily ? Q 20

Is not ? Q 18

? 15: What kind of weather you enjoy?

Spider-Man all ? Do not care

Rainy ? South Park

Winnie the Pooh ? sunny

? 16: once thought of you when the president?

Thought ? South Park

But never dream too ? Snoopy

Never ? Mickey Mouse

? 17: If you want to raise pets, which you want to raise?

Cat ? Powerpuff Girls

Dog ? Spider-Man

Bird ? Q 19

? 18: What do you most angry?

Ridiculed by others ? Spider-Man

Being provocative ? Q 20

? Pooh being wronged

? 19: you most want to be what kind of person?

Famous people ? South Park

Wealthy people ? Mickey Mouse

Happy people ? Snoopy

? 20: Where do you think, the most you can have happy feeling?

Nature ? Powerpuff Girls

Many of the places people ? Spider-Man

Home ? pooh

? South Park

Nature: your life is different from the playing tricks, when others went to the east, you went west, When people feel interesting, you can say it is boring. Although you love, but also because the reverse operation strategy is applied proper, positive applause seems more than negative boos, life had ear and comfortable ~

Suggestions: to distinguish the way love the prince, and saw a love a flower is different! You chase after women (male) tricks... will let those who love the curry! Hudson worship

? Spider Man

Nature: born there the sense of responsibility, whether this and you have, you always brings forward courageously, first, sparking a hero! However, when you meet enormous frustration basket-case state... very easy, just inside the soft, personality extreme person!

Suggestions: although pursuit of love for a common love, is the biggest wish you be careful, however, is whether someone's think so, too?

? the Powerpuff Girls

Nature: in all your cells... 70 percent of cells that justice, have thirty percent of the cells called coward! At best, you have no recklessly justice, Honestly, you are clever. The JunJie You can calm to deal with the crisis, is clever, machine, the idea of music!

Love you love Suggestions: say, love your chosen, don't play people day and night pillow game!

? Mickey Mouse

Nature: you happy every day, like the great performance in the circus clown, bring happiness, the bitterness for myself. Your land is very kind to others, the more considerate care! However, sometimes for head, let them think you like a LanHaoRen!

Suggestions: when love is suffering LanHaoRen,! When valentine, is everyone abuse or save with suffering ~ "emotion"!

? Snoopy

Nature: a life without ambition, but leisurely life every day, your mood portraiture ~ you and your future, independent, competition and you and plans. As long as you can make you enjoy watching grass and flowers every day, and you'll feel very travel satisfy! So rare indifferent to fame and wealth, is not exaggerated progresses.

Tips: love is not love, not complex, more not trouble! Just find a simple young rural village or type may object

? Winnie the Pooh

Nature: the ancient times, called the wisest man often seems stupid, you now you Pack XiaoWei, called "! The surface looks like It was dumb, no principle, is actually very clear your own life! In others think you cheated at the same time... you have in imperceptible lieutenant general, the other one is a great man!

Suggestions: keep love appearance of life not silly dead! As the saying goes, "Puff, ensure you Pass" Puff of love always good to!