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July 08, 2012

a poem re: the Nittany rapist


please look, oh yes, upon his scheming, upon the boys who got his creaming

for they who squealed and begged for mercy also donned the famous jersey

of players good or bright or true, their hopes soon dashed when touched anew, by him,

the Nittany rapist

don't think, oh my, him too far going, for to these kids his member showing

he did not know, they had a mind, to keep him from their young behinds

or not to take him in the mouth, for people gave him so much clout, to him,

the Nittany rapist

his wad he blew into the flues of children young and tender

his deeds exposed, for all to see, tossed into media's blender

the perfect foil, to war and toil, he is

the Nittany rapist

we eats it up, us dumb Yankee, of nothing else are speaking

while children die, in drone air-strikes, and our tank treads are squeaking

of nothing else, we seem to speak, not famine, greed, or warming

only of him, that worthless thing, of him,

the Nittany rapist

so give it rest, oh yes please do, and quit with this obsessing

the deed is done, it is a mess, the beast he mulls confessing

for once inside, his butt shall bleed, his bones shall crack and splinter

that little man, he shan't endure, I'll bet not long past winter

we're all upset, and we shall stay pissed

at him Nittany rapist


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