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April 12, 2018

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A Letter to the Amazon Fire TV Screensaver Programmers

Dear Amazon Fire TV Screensaver Programmers,

As an indecisive customer, you can imagine how many times the screensaver function has interrupted my decision making process.
One minute I’ll be silently contemplating if anyone is actually watching Mozart in the Jungle, the next I’ll be staring at scenic vistas.
Usually I give up on picking a show, and my constant wondering on what Mozart in the Jungle is even about, and just watch the landscapes go by.
I appreciate your mix of rustic sunsets with coastal sunrises. But there is one image, the 55th image of 112, that worries me.
It’s a landscape of some green rolling hills. In the bottom right foreground is a dilapidated building. There’s a grass trail leading away from the building to the center of the frame.
In the center, slightly to the left, is a black spot. Almost like an oval. It really draws the eye because everything around it is bright green.
The only one who was willing to sit through 54 drifting stock photos to see what I meant was my girlfriend. She dismissed it as a tree.
But I don’t think it’s a tree. There are other trees in the picture, right next to it. This is something else.
I feel like I’ve always known this image. But I always remember the Oval closer than it actually is.
I can tell you that the air is cool, even in the summer, and the grass path from the dilapidated building to the treeline has some hidden rocks, but they’re not rough against bare feet.
But all I can tell you about the Oval is that it’s the most familiar thing I’ve ever felt. Whenever the image pops up, it’s like it is beckoning to me. And I want to go there. And I am there. And I always have been.
I don’t know if other people have felt similar connections to Amazon Fire screensavers, but if possible I’d like to know where this photo was taken; though I feel like I already do.

Zack Peercy

PS – do you recommend Mozart in the Jungle?