#1. I once knew a blind man that worked as a massage thorpest that had the magic touch. So i asked the man one day how can you have such a touch when you can't see much? An he said, i must tell you that my skills come from making myself cum.

#2 Here is my thing about ass. if i can tap dat i'll rapp it up before puting it in the trunk.

#3 I once had sex with an italian chick at Buger King an she was one hell of a Wopper.

#4 i once knew a man from Kentucky and boy was he lucky. He could f*ck anyone at any time from any position. Until one day he got f*cked 6 way to sunday the wrong way. So nowadays his spends his days in hiding not from the law but the mother in law. An yes right now he hates his life and he hates his wife, so please what ever you do don't give this man a knive!   

Will thats all the time i have so taker her easy and if shes easy taker twice.

Keep it sleazy



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